When we say the Career In STEM Explorer system is EASY, we mean it!

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As they say, seeing is believing!

FAST and FUN Career Exploration!

On average students are able to discover an interesting STEM career using the Explorer system in 9 seconds. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s proof:

The Career In STEM Explorer system will help your middle and high school age students discover tremendous opportunities in STEM without your help using hundreds of digital STEM career exploration resources accessed in a fun and easy way. The Explorer system empowers teens to make their own decisions and build their resume through independent inquiry-based activities that mimic those of real STEM professionals.

The Explorer system contains more than 200 STEM career profiles arranged in 5 different categories – interests, alphabetical list, gallery, personality, and salary/education.

Watch the video to see how EASY we make it for students to find cool STEM careers!

2. NEW STEM Career Profiles Weekly

The Career In STEM Explorer system includes 200+ STEM career profiles with new careers posted every Tuesday morning! Because we are constantly adding new careers, your students always have a reason to KEEP coming back to explore. Each career profile includes…

– a virtual job shadow YouTube video

– career information sheet in English & Spanish

– fun career focused ‘try it’ activity

– link to Student Showcase to share work & build your resume

Click below to preview a few of these 200+ career profiles – fun & easy STEM career exploration activities that teens LOVE:

3. STEM Career Scavenger Hunt Activity

Oftentimes knowing where to start is the hardest part, so we created this STEM Career Scavenger Hunt activity! Students will get a guided tour of everything the Explorer system has to offer, and make essential career exploration discoveries about themselves as they go!

4. Standards Alignment Charts

As a middle and high school science teacher, my students had no idea what they wanted to be, and I couldn’t find a fun and easy way to help them learn about STEM careers – so the Explorer was born! The Explorer system includes a standards alignment chart for parents and educators to make every lesson a STEM career lesson, and effortlessly find a career that connects to what you are ALREADY teaching.

  1. Open the standards alignment chart.

  2. Find the standard you are working on (NGSS, TEKS, and Career Clusters).

  3. Click on link for a career page that directly connects to that standard.

  4. Done!

These standards alignment charts empower educators and parents to effortlessly integrate STEM career exploration into every lesson, every day. Also ideal for CTE pathway exploration, curriculum compacting, and enrichment.

5. Monthly STEM Challenge

Each month you and all your students get free & unlimited access to a fun and exciting STEM career challenge; a done-for-you STEM career exploration activity each month to KEEP your students engaged and exploring STEM careers! Here is a list of monthly STEM Career Challenges:

January = Vision Boards
February = I Love My Career In STEM
March = Leprechaun Engineering Challenge
April = UN Goals Solve a World Problem Challenge
May = STEAM Challenge
June, July, August = $500 STEM Scholarship Contest
September = Goal Getter Challenge
October = Creepy Crawly STEM Careers Contest
November & December = Coding for a Cause Hackathon

The first business day of each month all Explorer subscribers get a new, fun STEM career exploration activity with unlimited access for all your students! Plus the Challenges change from year to year, always something fresh and new!

6. Digital Portfolio For Resume Building

STEM jobs are booming, and employers are desperate for people who can think and DO things with what they know.

The Explorer Student Showcase is an online digital portfolio that makes it easy for Explorer students to share everything they learn, make, solve, and do while using the Explorer system.

With the Student Showcase, your student can show their future employer a rich digital portfolio of their STEM skills and career readiness journey spanning the past decade, starting in middle school!


  • 200+ STEM career profiles with virtual job shadow, info sheet in English & Spanish, and resume building Try It activity
  • new STEM career profiles added weekly
  • online STEM Career Scavenger Hunt activity
  • no annoying logins or accounts – just click and discover!
  • standards alignment charts for TEKs, NGSS, and Career Clusters
  • exclusive monthly STEM career challenge (and chance for students to win prizes!)
  • $500 summer scholarship contest
  • digital portfolio for students to showcase their work, share feedback with peers, and build their resume
  • professional development mini course delivered via email to teach you how to use & leverage the Explorer system

How It Works: Subscribe using the options above. You will instantly receive a welcome email with link to access the Career In STEM Explorer system. Share the link with your students (no annoying logins or accounts!) and watch in amazement as engagement in STEM career exploration skyrockets!




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30-day 100% money back guarantee:

Your students will discover an interesting career in 9 seconds – guaranteed! If after using the Career In STEM Explorer system for a full month you do not completely love it, email hello@careerinstem.com for a full refund.

“My team really appreciates it and loves the site. We are an educational outreach program which serves about 1500 students a year. We use your site with every student. It is phenomenal. I have also recommended it to other STARBASEs around the nation as well. Thank you for all the hard work.” -Jessica Davis, STARBASE Austin


Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We do accept Purchase Orders if you are subscribing five or more educators. Please email us at hello@careerinstem.com.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, but we do offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we refund every penny.

Is the license transferrable if a teacher leaves?

It depends who paid for the purchase. If a teacher paid for their Explorer subscription with their own money, the license stays with the teacher. If the school/organization paid for the Explorer subscription, the license is transferable to a new teacher within the same subscription terms.

Do I need to be a STEM teacher to use the Explorer?

NO! The Explorer system is made to be EFFORTLESS whether you are a STEM expert or completely new to it. We do everything for you; 24/7 access to the world’s coolest STEM career exploration resources, student career interest data and reports, fresh new stuff automatically added – whether you’re a STEM expert or not, YOU won’t have to lift a finger!

“I liked the showcase room because the other kids’ creations inspired me to try to create something similar or to the next level.”
– Jayden 6th grade

“Thank you for the Career in STEM site. I am using it with my Freshmen now and will use it with some middle school students soon. The site is very user friendly and students relate to it much better than MY Next Move which is very similar.”

– Outreach Counselor, VT GEAR UP