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How much does the Explorer cost?

We are on a mission to help all teenage students discover STEM, build a future they love, and unleash their talents to change the world. To serve as many students as possible, the Explorer is very affordably priced at $4,497 per year for unlimited access up to 1,500 students. That’s less than $3 per student annually!

To download full list of benefits (that save Program Directors like you an average of 748 hours of work per year!) and unlock a $500 gift certificate towards an Explorer system of your own please click here.

If you are a homeschool parent, get the Homeschool Career In STEM Explorer for your teenager here.

Do I need to be a STEM expert to use the Explorer?

NO. The Explorer system is made to be EFFORTLESS whether you are a STEM expert or completely new to it. We do everything for you; 24/7 access to the world’s coolest STEM career exploration resources, student career interest data and reports, fresh new stuff automatically added – whether you’re a STEM expert or not, YOU won’t have to lift a finger!

What are some examples of the monthly STEM career exploration challenges?

The first business day of each month all Explorer subscribers get a new, fun STEM career exploration activity with unlimited access for all your students. Here’s a glimpse of past and upcoming 2021 challenges:

January = Goal Getter Challenge
February = I Love My Career In STEM
March = Virtual Job Shadow Challenge
April = UN Goals Solve a World Problem Challenge
May = STEAM Challenge
June, July, August = $500 STEM Scholarship Contest

What’s the difference between the Explorer system and things like ONet and BLS?

First, the Explorer system is a SYSTEM. A comprehensive, effortless implementation system is included with each Explorer subscription providing you with orientation, training videos, email templates, social media posts, guide for team meetings, automatic updates, new career added every Tuesday morning, new STEM career exploration activity added the first of each month, stats reports delivered monthly, unlimited support, and so much more.

Second, the Explorer has tremendous marketing and communication power for your GEAR UP or TRiO program. Our talented team of designers and developers will craft an Explorer built to look and feel like your website (aka ‘white labeled) with custom URL, logo, colors, branding, etc. Additionally, each Explorer subscription includes a custom content area for as much content as you want, with updates often as you want (done for you by our in-house webmaster). To see examples of how Explorer clients maximize marketing as part of an integrated career exploration program try the 9 Second Challenge!

I’d like to learn more. What’s my first step?

If you have not done so already the first step is to download the FREE Quick Start STEM Career Exploration Kit. This Kit is filled with valuable FREE resources to help you begin STEM career exploration. >>GET FREE KIT

If you already have the Kit, the next step is to try the Explorer for yourself in the 9 Second Challenge! >>TRY FREE 9 SECOND CHALLENGE

“I’ve curated content since 1994 and yours is among the best I have seen.”

– Michele Templeton Freeman, CTE Program Director from Arkansas