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GEAR UP & Talent Search Students Grades 6-9 Discover an Interesting STEM Career in 9 Seconds or LessGUARANTEED!

The Explorer is the only STEM career exploration system…

  • exclusively for GEAR UP and TRiO Talent Search programs
  • built for students to explore careers and build their resume independently
  • that’s truly EASY; no accounts, no limits, no work for you. Period!
  • 100% money-back guarantee – your students grades 6 to 9 find an interesting STEM career in 9 seconds or I refund every penny

“Wow! This is so easy. I love it!”

– everyone who tries the Explorer (seriously!)

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 Benjamin Breault, Program Director

GEAR UP East Hartford

““The Career In STEM Explorer is a remarkable program with so many engaging points of entry. I couldn’t recommend this more enthusiastically. So grateful for all the gifts Ashley and her system has given my GEAR UP program.”

Tracie pic 2020

 Dr. Tracie Burt, Program Director

Univ. of Texas San Antonio TRiO Talent Search

“The Career In STEM Explorer is a carefully curated and thoughtfully organized treasure trove linking curricular and career information. The format is user-friendly and engaging, and the content is highly relevant for my TRiO students. Interacting with Ashley is a delight. She is friendly, professional, helpful, and took the stress out of planning her component of my summer programming with her team. I’m grateful for our partnership!” 

“I never knew STEM could be so many things. I am definitely more interested in a STEM career now!”

– Aaliyah, 7th grade Explorer student from California

“I’m a 6th grader and I just have to say I love this website.”

Matthew, 6th grade Explorer student from Wisconsin

“This is SO cool!”

– Tarrant County College Explorer Student, Fort Worth Texas


Dear Talent Search or GEAR UP Program Director,

Close your eyes and imagine your students 10 years from now. According to the US Department of Education, here is what you will find: More than half of them will not persist in a STEM major and will never return; they will be overwhelmed by student loan debt at all-time highs; and despite having spent all this time and money, only 4% of them will be financially secure.

How can these massive outpourings of time, talent, and treasure be refocused so your students are among the few who escape this harsh reality?

THE ANSWER IS AWARENESS. Specifically, robust engagement with a comprehensive STEM career exploration and awareness building system starting earlier than it traditionally has – in middle school.

As evidenced with the above statistics, my students were often unaware of the incredible opportunities in STEM fields, or were disengaged in STEM altogether. And as a middle & high school science teacher I was completely lost in the sea of information, sacrificing my weekends as I attempted to drift through it all. I decided there must be an easier way to help my students discover STEM and their futures, and the Career In STEM® Explorer was born!

Thousands of hours, my 13 years experience as an award-winning educator, and unwavering dedication to the field of STEM career exploration has been poured into developing this proven system GUARANTEED to help your students discover STEM careers in nine seconds. Not only do I guarantee it, I’m also ready to prove it! Test the Explorer system for yourself in the 9 Second Challenge – FREE! Simply click the image to get started.

Your Talent Search or GEAR UP student participants in grades 6 to 9 will…

  • Discover the tremendous opportunities in STEM fields in a fun and easy way, whenever and however they want. Many career exploration tools rely on a computer algorithm to ‘tell them the answer’. I believe the opposite is true – that technology exists to empower students to make their own decisions through inquiry-based activities that mimic those of real STEM professionals.
  • Stay engaged whether in-person or distance learning. The Explorer is fully customized & branded to get and KEEP students engaged in your program. With exciting new careers added weekly and an exclusive monthly STEM career challenge, the Explorer system is like a personal STEM career counselor at your students’ fingertips, at a mere fraction of the cost.
  • Make informed career decisions. The rise of specialized high schools means that students must make critical career-related decisions in 8th grade. Despite this newfound yet intense ‘pressure to choose’ and overall apathy towards STEM, few tools exist to help middle schoolers understand, explore, and engage in STEM career pathways independently. Until now!

and YOU my dear Program Director will…

save time and get results – effortlessly. Guaranteed! For just $3,499 per year you get….

  • UNLIMITED support for you and your students
  • UNLIMITED access for up to 1,500 students; No annoying logins or accounts, just click and discover hundreds of STEM career profiles – each with virtual job shadow video, career infographic, and career test drive activity.
  • UNLIMITED branded content & updates to do more than humanly possible! The Explorer is built to look and feel like YOUR website, connecting students with careers and your program 24/7, 365!
  • UNLIMITED access to subscribers-only monthly STEM Career Challenge to keep students engaged & exploring throughout the year
  • NEW STEM careers with resume building, hands-on activities added weekly. Watching and reading is great, but DOING what real STEM professionals do is best. That’s what separates the Explorer from the rest 🙂
  • invitation to exclusive Bootcamp program100% online STEM career exploration camp!
  • 100% done-for-you $500 Summer STEM Scholarship Contest to give your students an unforgettable summer experience (and take summer planning off your plate!)
  • 100% money back guarantee

The Explorer system helps you effortlessly and consistently engage your middle school age participants in STEM career exploration. From APRs to Zooms, you have a lot on your plate! The Explorer system will save you over 630 hours of work per year, quickly and easily empowering your students to discover STEM, dream big, and design a future they love.

“The Career In STEM Explorer provides my summer BRIDGE students with the tools they need to explore a wide variety of STEM careers. Whether in person or distance learning, the Career In STEM Explorer is an outstanding tool for young people to explore possibilities for their future career in STEM.”

– Chris Stone, Executive Director

  CT STEM Academy

Ready to get started? TRY THE 9 SECOND CHALLENGE!

Put the Explorer system to the test, and get actionable advice you can implement right away to improve your existing career exploration initiatives. 100% free, absolutely no obligation. Our mission is to help students discover the tremendous opportunity in STEM whether you purchase our Explorer system or not.

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“I have curated content since ‘94 and analyzed many resources. Yours is among the best I’ve seen.”
– Michelle Templeton Freeman, CTE Program Director in Arkansas