Career In STEM® Explorer

The World’s Easiest STEM Career Exploration System for teens!

“I’m in 8th grade and wasn’t sure if the STEM program was a good fit for me. This helped me understand what it is.”

– Jayquan, 8th grade Explorer student from Connecticut

“I never knew STEM could be so many things. I am definitely more interested in a STEM career now!”

– Aaliyah, 7th grade Explorer student from California

Empower your students with the only tool they need to discover their future in STEM and make informed career decisions. With Career In STEM Explorer, your middle and high school students will…

  • Discover tremendous opportunities in STEM without your help using hundreds of digital STEM career exploration resources accessed in a fun and easy way. The Explorer empowers students to make their own decisions and build their resume through inquiry-based career ‘try it’ activities.

  • Stay engaged with exciting new careers added weekly and exclusive monthly STEM career challenge.

What You Get:

  • 200+ STEM career profiles with virtual job shadow, info sheet in English & Spanish, and resume building Try It activity
  • new careers weekly
  • online STEM Career Scavenger Hunt activity
  • no annoying logins or accounts – just click and discover!
  • standards alignment charts for TEKs, NGSS, and Career Clusters
  • exclusive monthly STEM career challenge (plus chance for students to win prizes!)
  • $500 summer scholarship contest
  • digital portfolio for students to showcase their work, share feedback with peers, and build their resume
  • professional development mini course delivered via email to teach you how to use & leverage the Explorer system
per year
unlimited access for up to 150 students

students discover an interesting STEM career in 9 seconds – guaranteed!

View Free Previews

200+ exciting career profiles

aligned with NGSS, Career Clusters, & TEKS

digital resume builder

for students to share their creations and build an online portfolio

unlimited access for students and educators

with no annoying accounts 

click & go career exploration activities

for effortless use and implementation

monthly STEM contests

$500 Summer Scholarship Contest, Coding for a Cause Hackathon, & MORE!

What Our Subscribers Say:

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 Benjamin Breault, Program Director

GEAR UP East Hartford

“The Career In STEM Explorer is a remarkable program with so many engaging points of entry. I couldn’t recommend this more enthusiastically for my GEAR UP program.”

Tracie pic 2020

 Dr. Tracie Burt, Program Director

Univ. of Texas San Antonio TRiO Talent Search

“The Career In STEM Explorer is a carefully curated and thoughtfully organized treasure trove linking curricular and career information. The format is user-friendly and engaging, and the content is highly relevant for my TRiO students.”

“I’m a 6th grader and I just have to say I love this website.”

Matthew, 6th grade Explorer student from Wisconsin

“This is SO cool!

– Tarrant County College Explorer Student, Fort Worth Texas

“I’ve curated content since 1994 and yours is among the best I have seen.”

– Michele Templeton Freeman, CTE Program Director from Arkansas

“There were so many jobs listed that I didn’t even know existed. I really want to look at being a muralist in a big city.”
-Lily, middle school Explorer user

“A drone pilot only needs a high school diploma and they make BANK, it is definitely something I could look into.”
– Colston, 6th Grader

“You definitely get a lot of valuable information and access to various things like lessons, videos, fresh ideas, and examples of student work. There are different options as well depending on what you need. The actual job shadowing videos and career exploration gallery videos from the different occupations is vital in itself. The kids can actually see and hear live accounts from these individuals and that makes all the difference. It allows the students to form a real-world connection…Thank you!”
– Amy Butler- Gifted Teacher, Picayune School District