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Your students grades 6 to 9 will...

  • discover the tremendous opportunities in STEM fields
  • stay engaged whether in-person or distance learning
  • gain critical awareness to make informed college & career decisions

and YOU will...

save time and get results – effortlessly!

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the ONLY online STEM career exploration system built exclusively for outreach programs

Dear Outreach Program Director,

Close your eyes and imagine your students 10 years from now. According to the US Department of Education, here is what you will find: More than half of them will not persist in a STEM major and will never return; they will be overwhelmed by student loan debt at all-time highs; and despite having spent all this time and money, only 4% of them will be financially secure.

How can these massive outpourings of time, talent, and treasure be refocused so your students are among the few who escape this harsh reality?

THE ANSWER IS AWARENESS. Specifically, robust engagement with a comprehensive STEM career exploration and awareness building system starting earlier than it traditionally has – in 6th grade.

My students were often unaware of the incredible opportunities in STEM fields, or were disengaged in STEM altogether. And as a teacher (I taught mostly 7th and 9th grades) I was completely lost in the sea of information, sacrificing my weekends as I attempted to drift through it all. I decided there must be an easier way to help my students discover STEM and their futures. So the Career In STEM® Explorer was born! It took tens of thousands of hours and 12 years experience to develop this proven system guaranteed to help your outreach students discover STEM careers in nine seconds or less.

Students grades 6 to 9 will…

  • Discover the tremendous opportunities in STEM fields in a fun and easy way, whenever and however they want. Many career exploration tools rely on a computer algorithm to ‘tell them the answer’. I believe the opposite is true – that technology exists to empower students to make their own decisions.
  • Stay engaged whether in-person or distance learning. Research shows that students nationwide are woefully disengaged with STEM, while employers are facing acute shortages of STEM workers. Only 16% of American high school seniors are interested in a STEM career, and minorities and women are seriously underrepresented (NSF 2018). With exciting new careers and exclusive bonus content added monthly, the Explorer system is like a personal STEM career counselor at your students’ fingertips! …at a mere fraction of the cost.
  • Make more informed career decisions. The rise of specialized high schools means that students must make critical career-related decisions earlier than ever before. Despite this newfound yet intense ‘pressure to choose’ and overall apathy towards STEM careers, very few tools exist to help middle schoolers understand, explore, and engage in STEM career pathways. Until now!

and YOU my dear outreach program director will…

save time and get results – effortlessly. Guaranteed!

  • UNLIMITED support for you and your students
  • UNLIMITED access for up to 1,000 students; no annoying logins or accounts, just click and discover!
  • UNLIMITED branded content & updates to do more than humanly possible! Connect students with careers and your outreach program 24/7, 365!
  • PLUS 100% money back guarantee – If, in the first month of subscribing to the Explorer system, it takes your students more than 9 seconds to find an interesting STEM career, I will refund every penny.

Not only are results guaranteed, the Explorer is also an incredible value. The average salary of a counselor/student success coach in the US is around $60,000. They often carry a caseload of less than 200 students, and certainly are not available 24/7, 365 days per year! At just $3,500 annually for up to 1,000 students, the Explorer system will result in a savings of over 94%! Can you afford NOT to invest in this system to help ALL your students ALL the time?

“I never knew that STEM could be so many things! I will be back to explore.” – Roberto, student from Texas

If you are looking for complex login and account systems, a plethora of features you don’t understand and will never use, all created by an outsider with no experience in the trenches with real kids, the Explorer is not for you. But if, like me, you believe in simplicity and your students’ own abilities, the Explorer is the career exploration system you have been looking for!

The Career In STEM® Explorer is ONLY available to outreach programs like yours, mostly TRiO programs (ex: UpWard Bound, ETS) and GEAR UP. Because we only serve outreach programs, we know exactly what you need; every aspect of the Explorer has been uniquely designed with you and your students in mind. Put the Explorer system to the test, and see how we help students just like yours (and leaders just like you). For a limited time you also have the chance to win over $600 worth in prizes! As they say, seeing is believing! Here’s how to enter the 9 Second Challenge:

GET STARTED! Exclusive Outreach Program Offer

We guarantee that the Explorer system is so EASY that your students will discover an interesting STEM career in 9 seconds or less.

And we’re ready to prove it in the 9 Second Challenge!

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  2. We will email you a Zoom link according to the time you specify on the form.
  3. During the 10 minute Zoom meeting you will get EXCLUSIVE access to Explorer resources. You have nine seconds to find a career that looks interesting to you.
  4. If you pass the 9 Second Challenge, you win a prize pack worth over $600 – a $500 giftcard towards your own Explorer, a free custom mockup ($125 value!), PLUS exclusive access to our members-only computer science contest now through December 31, 2020. No risk, no obligation, no purchase required.

“I’m a sixth grader and I just have to say that I love this website.” – Matthew from Wisconsin

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    Explorer Student Showcase

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    Chris Stone, Executive Director | CT STEM Academy

    “This is an outstanding tool for young people to explore possibilities for their future career in STEM.”

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