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Turning Students’ Interests into Careers: Podcast
Turning Students’ Interests into Careers: Podcast Have students who think they might be interested in STEM but have no idea what they’d like to do? Or maybe your student knows what STEM career they want to pursue but would love more information about it. Where can you send them to find out? There is a [...]
Virtual Biotechnology Hackathon Winners
Med-O-Vate To innovate solutions for medicine April 6-7th, 2021: Free Virtual Biotechnology Hackathon ORGANIZED BY: RIA MOHAN, MONISHA KROTHAPALLI, PIYA MODALAVALASA The Med-O-Vate Hackathon was a free, virtual, biotechnology hackathon hosted by a group of high school students from the Lake Washington School District (Ria Mohan, Piya Modalavalasa & Monisha Krothapalli) on April 6-7th. A [...]
65 STEM Themed Personal Passion Project Ideas

A Personal Passion Project (PPP) can be anything – create a video game, organize an event, invent something using engineering, it’s your call! The goal of the PPP is to take an intense, deep dive on something you are interested in to build your talents and change the world. If you love science, technology, engineering, […]

10 Work-from-Home STEM Jobs for Teens

As you have likely heard, college admissions are increasingly competitive, and the hiring process in top companies seems to become more cut-throat by the day. So how can you stand out in the crowd and gain an advantage? Start building your resume (and your career!) NOW. It’s never too soon to build your career! For […]

Earth Day STEM Activities

Looking for some fun Earth Day STEM Activities that students can do from home? Check out this list of five fun distance learning activities for Earth Day – all 10% off every Wednesday in April! Sustainability Analyst Challenge: The Sustainability STEM Challenge is a self-guided distance learning mini course for teens to learn what a […]

Manufacturing Isn’t Just for Guys: 3 Women Who Are Changing the Face of Manufacturing

Guest Post by Alexander Cohen, EVERFI When it comes to manufacturing, there’s a disconnect: women comprise nearly half of today’s working population but less than a third of the manufacturing workforce. To power the future of modern manufacturing, we need all hands on deck. And that means motivating girls to take an early interest in […]

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

Four Fun, Free St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities! With many schools closed, you’re sure to be searching for fun activities to do at home. Well, look no further! These four STEM activities are quick and easy to put together, are free, and will help you celebrate the holiday – STEM style! 1. Screen-Free Coding Activity […]

The ONLY Hybrid Robotics and Coding Platform
Develop the skillset As educators, we constantly strive to prepare our students for the ‘real world’ and since the beginning of time itself, education has always been evolving and has always provided for the needs of society. Before, we would educate students for a specific job, but now it is much different, as we move [...]

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