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Teaching STEM Remotely
As remote learning continues due to the Coronavirus pandemic, teaching practical subjects, such as science, is becoming challenging for educators. However, not being able to test, explore, and experiment firsthand has led to the inception of new teaching methods. Nonetheless, finding the best remote learning materials to facilitate remote work remains a big challenge for [...]
GEAR UP Students Discover STEM Careers
It's NCCEP Conference time, and I can't wait to meet you! To celebrate, I put together three exclusive offers to help your students discover STEM and explore related careers: WIN A FREE YEAR! With the Career In STEM Explorer Your GEAR UP Students Grades 6-10 Will Discover an Interesting STEM Career in 9 Seconds – GUARANTEED! Not only do I guarantee [...]
Cool Coding & Computer Science Resources for Teens
Cool Coding & Computer Science Resources for Teens Coding is the language of the 21st century. Even if you never go on to a career in IT, electrical engineering, or computer programming, everyone needs to know the basics. And don't just take my word for it! Hear what these famous people have to say about [...]
How to choose the best online STEM camp
Whether your traditional summer camp program was cancelled this year or you are looking for a fun online option, registration is now open for most STEM summer camps! As more and more providers turn to online options, it is important to know what to look for in choosing an online STEM summer camp. Here are [...]
5 Career-Planning Activities to Tackle Over Summer Break

Okay, before you freak out at the title, I know – summer’s supposed to be fun! It’s when you get to hang out with friends during the day, sharpen your Fortnite skills or just have a chance to relax after another crazy year. But… It’s getting closer to graduation. Another year under your belt means […]

Turning Students’ Interests into Careers: Podcast
Turning Students’ Interests into Careers: Podcast Have students who think they might be interested in STEM but have no idea what they’d like to do? Or maybe your student knows what STEM career they want to pursue but would love more information about it. Where can you send them to find out? There is a [...]
Virtual Biotechnology Hackathon Winners
Med-O-Vate To innovate solutions for medicine April 6-7th, 2021: Free Virtual Biotechnology Hackathon ORGANIZED BY: RIA MOHAN, MONISHA KROTHAPALLI, PIYA MODALAVALASA The Med-O-Vate Hackathon was a free, virtual, biotechnology hackathon hosted by a group of high school students from the Lake Washington School District (Ria Mohan, Piya Modalavalasa & Monisha Krothapalli) on April 6-7th. A [...]
65 STEM Themed Personal Passion Project Ideas

A Personal Passion Project (PPP) can be anything – create a video game, organize an event, invent something using engineering, it’s your call! The goal of the PPP is to take an intense, deep dive on something you are interested in to build your talents and change the world. If you love science, technology, engineering, […]

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