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Fun STEM Activities for Halloween and Thanksgiving
These fall holiday activities will have you building skeletons, chucking pumpkins, exploring careers, and more! With Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons upon us, celebrate with the best STEM resources for home or classroom. Your students will be smiling, laughing, and learning along the way as they complete exciting activities paired with STEM careers. Check out what [...]
STEM Halloween Costumes!
Halloween is coming up fast! With the season of candy and costumes nearly upon us, the time has come to start preparing outfits for trick-of-treating! But what if you wanted to inject a bit of education into your kids’ Halloween ensemble? Turn costume shopping into a moment of learning? Here are five great STEM costumes [...]
Top 10 Halloween STEM Activities
Halloween is almost upon us! As the day draws nearer, you are likely looking for quick and easy ways to incorporate Halloween and STEM activities in your classroom. Here are our Top 10 Halloween STEM Activities: 1. Halloween STEM Careers Webquest Looking to incorporate career exploration into your Halloween themed STEM activities? This Webquest is [...]
Build Your Resume at Global Innovation Field Trip

Build your resume and share your work with the world in the Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT)! WHAT IS GIFT?  Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) is a 24-hour live online event where students in grades K to 12 give 10 minute presentations about anything they have done involving innovation, invention, and creativity. GIFT’s are held […]

Step by Step Guide to CTE Grants
Perkins Funding 101 Did you know that $1.3 BILLION is available each year to support your career and technical education (CTE) program? It’s true, and it’s available through the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (or Perkins for short). The Perkins program is run through the US Department of Education, and funding is [...]
Classroom Makerspace In-A-Box, literally!
The Makerspace movement has been gaining much traction over the past few years, popping up within schools, libraries, and other programs throughout the country. After hearing the term in many places, I knew it had something to do with inventing and creating things, but I couldn't quite figure out what exactly a makerspace was. So [...]
How to Launch Your Career In STEAM
If you love the arts as much as you love STEM, then a career in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is a perfect fit! One of the best ways to learn about STEAM careers and begin building your professional network is through conferences. And with the advent of virtual conferences, there are more [...]
Teaching STEM Remotely
As remote learning continues due to the Coronavirus pandemic, teaching practical subjects, such as science, is becoming challenging for educators. However, not being able to test, explore, and experiment firsthand has led to the inception of new teaching methods. Nonetheless, finding the best remote learning materials to facilitate remote work remains a big challenge for [...]

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