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Fun STEM Activities for Halloween and Thanksgiving

These fall holiday activities will have you building skeletons, chucking pumpkins, exploring careers, and more! With Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, gear up with the best STEM resources in the business. Your students and children will be smiling, laughing, and learning along the way as they complete exciting activities paired with STEM careers. Check out […]

Compassion + Computer Science = WIN a MiRo!
Robots living and working among humans is not in the distant future- they are already here and very much part of our daily lives! MiRo, a robot dog and star of the Teach MiRo K-12 GIFT Challenge, is one of those robots. MiRo can be used for customer service in stores, class management in schools, [...]
National Challenge Bring Space Missions to High School Students

The U.S. Department of Education has launched CTE Mission: CubeSat, a national challenge to build technical skills for careers in space and beyond. The Department invites high schools to bring space missions to students by designing and building CubeSat prototypes — in the classroom or at home.  Investors predict that space will be the next […]

Engineering Jobs of the Future
Engineers touch everything we interact with in daily life. They design bridges. Engineers innovate new beauty products, and they launch space exploration tools. Dozens of engineering sectors exist already. And growth into new frontiers expands rapidly. Encourage your career and technical education (CTE) students to be innovators in engineering. Consider the following careers emerging now [...]
Are you smarter than a 5 year old? Highlights from the Global Innovation Field Trip

The GIFT, or Global Innovation Field Trip, showcases the innovations of inventors as young as five to adults in a 24-hour marathon of online presentations. The second virtual event was hosted this past week, on July 9 and 10, and featured presenters from across the globe who are changing the world with their groundbreaking innovations.  […]

Solve It! For Kids

Ever wonder how to map an underwater forest? Or what it takes to compose a symphony about space? Perhaps it would be fun to learn how we might one day communicate with astronauts on Mars? Or how people can restore their connection with water? And just what exactly would a  person take with them on […]

Technology Jobs of the Future
The job market evolves constantly. Fueled by the rapid growth of technology, industry demands critical 21st century skills. Today’s students must be prepared for jobs which do not yet exist. It is estimated that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet (Institute for the Future, 2017). “New categories of [...]
What is AR?

AR, an abbreviation for augmented reality, is a technology which adds imaginary elements into the real world for you to interact with. Augmented reality is sweeping across all industries including education, manufacturing, retail, sports, medical fields – it’s the future. To give you a sense of how AR can transform your surroundings into a virtual […]

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