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Best STEM Gifts 2020

If the kids in your life are anything like mine, there are few gifts that make it past the one-month mark. Some because they cannot take the beating that my kids dole out, but moreso because they simply lose their appeal after a handful of uses (once the ‘new’ factor wears off!). I find that […]

How To Save Money on STEM, Science, and Life with Open Source

Michigan Tech engineering professor Joshua Pearce has an approach that can help people in the real world save money on STEM education, state-of-the-art scientific equipment and many consumer products we all use every day. Pearce is well known in the research community for savings scientists millions of dollars using open source tricks. Now he is […]

Best Extracurriculars to Enhance STEM Learning for Students

If you want to explore your interests, improve college readiness and develop an area of expertise, extracurricular activities are the way to go. But when you’re looking to enhance specific skills, it’s important to choose the right activity. After all, we only have so much time outside of school hours and we want to ensure […]

Are You Making the Top 2 Deadly Sins of Distance Learning?

Distance learning is America’s chance to finally give every student a personalized, meaningful education. But tragically it’s tremendous power is being stifled by the age old, outdated, ineffective system that is American education. Rather than providing instruction in creative new ways, honoring student interests, and connecting students to the world at their fingertips, I am […]

The Stardust Mystery: FREE resources for educators

The Stardust Mystery is a fun new story for late elementary and middle school science learning.  The theme of the resources created by fellow educator Peter Solomon and his team is: we are made of STARDUST that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the last T-Rex. This is true. We each have […]

Fun STEM Activities for Halloween and Thanksgiving

These fall holiday activities will have you building skeletons, chucking pumpkins, exploring careers, and more! With Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, gear up with the best STEM resources in the business. Your students and children will be smiling, laughing, and learning along the way as they complete exciting activities paired with STEM careers. Check out […]

Compassion + Computer Science = WIN a MiRo!
Robots living and working among humans is not in the distant future- they are already here and very much part of our daily lives! MiRo, a robot dog and star of the Teach MiRo K-12 GIFT Challenge, is one of those robots. MiRo can be used for customer service in stores, class management in schools, [...]
National Challenge Bring Space Missions to High School Students

The U.S. Department of Education has launched CTE Mission: CubeSat, a national challenge to build technical skills for careers in space and beyond. The Department invites high schools to bring space missions to students by designing and building CubeSat prototypes — in the classroom or at home.  Investors predict that space will be the next […]

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