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Best STEM Competitions
The beauty of learning STEM is that education continues even beyond the classroom. It is in this area especially, where students can engage with topics hands-on and learn about real-life applications for their work. Combine that with team collaboration, competitiveness, confidence, risk-taking, and exciting prizes and you’re entering the wonderfully exciting world of STEM competitions! [...]
How Can Open Source Improve Your Dev Skills?
‘Dev’, short for ‘development’ in the world of computer science, refers to skills needed for web development. Now that you’re talking like a computer scientist, let’s take a closer look at how open source resources can boost your dev skills. What Is Open Source? Open-source software means its source code is open to anyone. Open [...]
How STEM Helps You Gain the Skills of the Future
Technology is changing. Fast. And with so many advancements being made each year, the idea of keeping up with all the changes can seem daunting – especially to the average American worker! As stated by numerous STEM experts (including Career In STEM's own Ashley Pereira!), STEM helps kids and students develop vital design thinking and [...]
Top 5 Tips to Build a Successful Career in IT Industry
In 2022, around 3.1 million tech jobs were listed by US companies, which is a growth of 49% compared to 2021. With the advent of technology, IT (short for information technology) has become a popular option among students. There are many different jobs available, and it is up to you to choose your path! The [...]
What is a Nurse Practitioner, and is it the Right Career for You?
As healthcare professionals took center stage in the Covid-19 pandemic, many young adults and teens have found themselves inspired by their tireless service. In fact, despite the struggles during the pandemic, the BLS reports that there will be 16% growth in employment options in the healthcare industry over the next decade. This would be the [...]
5 Rewarding Online STEM Programs for a Better Career in the IT Sector

The world is changing, and staying in the same place is impossible. While this is good news for some industries, it also means that others must adapt to survive. While many businesses are looking for ways to improve themselves technologically, they’re also facing a shortage of qualified professionals who can keep up with their needs. […]

5 Career-Planning Activities to Tackle Over Summer Break

Okay, before you freak out at the title, I know – summer is supposed to be fun! It’s when you get to hang out with friends during the day, sharpen your Fortnite skills or just have a chance to relax after another crazy year. But… It’s getting closer to graduation. Another year under your belt […]

National Parks STEM Activities
Are you one of the millions of people taking a trip to a National Park this summer? If so, use these tips to learn how to incorporate STEM activities at the National Park, as well as STEM career exploration! “On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the "Organic Act" creating the National Park Service, [...]

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