Career Coach Mentoring Program


World’s Easiest Career Readiness System

Everything YOU need to help your students…

  • Discover a career they LOVE using fun, on-demand digital resources.

  • Uncover root motivations using the 5 Whys.

  • Develop their unique talents to change the world through a Personal Passion Project.

Uncover the secrets of effortless career coaching!

How often have you spent your time planning and doing career coaching, only for it to fall flat, draining you of energy and motivation? Unfortunately this happens far too often. But what’s to blame – leadership, students, the format?

The answer is this: To get effortless, reliable results, you need a SYSTEM. In this program, renowned STEM education expert Ashley Pereira provides you with her done-for-you career coaching system for teens – the Question. Care. System.

Crafted on over 15 years experience in what works for career readiness with plentiful real-world examples, step by step scripts, and practical applications, this program will show you where you are going wrong with career coaching, why you need the Question. Care. system, and how to properly deploy it to help your teenage students unleash their talents to change the world – effortlessly!

The good news is that you already have everything you need to succeed – a questioning mind and a caring heart. Now all you need to do is start this program, follow the steps, and watch in amazement as your career coaching initiatives are revolutionized.

students grades 7-12

career exploration resource library

unlimited participants

hybrid online & in person curriculum

professional development & ongoing support

game-based incentives


First, every staff member in your program will get trained on the Question. Care. System by the person who invented it – Ashley Pereira. Ashley will equip you with everything you need to implement her proven, research-based career readiness system.

Once fully trained, your program staff guide as many students as you desire through the Question. Care. System, a ten-week hybrid program designed to help each unique individual take the critically important first steps in career exploration. Each student enrolled in the Career Coach program meets once per week for 30 minutes with their Career Coach (you!) via Zoom or GoogleMeet. Here is how each meet runs:

  1. Meet begins with a ‘check-in chat’ to build relationships.
  2. Student and Career Coach work together on academic and career goal setting using our fully scripted, step by step proprietary career coaching system – Question. Care.
  3. Career Coach guides student through the mentoring mini lesson of the week (examples include setting a vision, STEM career scavenger hunt, motivational interviewing, job shadows, etc.).
  4. Student and Career Coach work together to help each students achieve their dreams and complete a Personal Passion Project by the end of the 10-week program.

To implement the program, your entire program staff get unlimited access to Career In STEM®’s massive library of engaging STEM career readiness resources, the proprietary Question. Care.™  Career Coaching System created by Ashley Pereira, and a game-based incentive system to motivate students and develop critical employability skills.


“Ashley, a certified science teacher, has done a remarkable job building for GEAR UP East Hartford a comprehensive 10-week career and STEM exploration after-school program that our students have thoroughly enjoyed. Her weekly lessons, together with my follow-up coaching sessions, have inspired personal passion projects that have allowed our students to begin exploring and imaging a range of STEM career possibilities. And Ashley and I have the honor of showcasing this work at NCCEP’s annual conference this year!”
– Benjamin Breault, East Hartford GEAR UP Project Director

See the Question. Care. System in Action!

Email your availability for a 20 minute Zoom call to

We’ll schedule your behind the scenes tour of a current Question. Care. program, where we will show you how it works AND teach you the basics of the 5 Whys process embedded throughout the program. We’ll also email you back with program pricing, curriculum snapshot, and exclusive BOGO offer valued at $1,099.75!!

“I wanted to say thank you for the kind words and for the incredible opportunity. I learned a lot from it; most importantly, what it is that I want to do in the future, as I discovered that not only do I want to study to become a physicist or research scientist, but I also want to advocate for causes that I believe in and communicate information to people about how, together, we can solve these problems and make the world a better place. I greatly enjoyed all the activities and projects, and the way you presented the day’s topic and encouraged participation from students made them something I looked forward to every day. Again, thank you so much ma’am and I hope you have a great summer!”
– Carlos L. participant from TX