March is Immersive Technologies Month!

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I started Career In STEM in 2017 as an inner-city middle and high school science teacher. I couldn’t find a fun and easy way to show my students the tremendous variety and opportunity in STEM careers. So I made hundreds of resources to do so, and Career In STEM was born! Used by over 3 million students to date, click below to explore my vast collection of resources. I guarantee that you will find just what you need to help your students discover STEM careers, dream big, and build a future they love!

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Empower your teenage students with the only tool they need to discover their future and make informed career decisions!


200+ STEM career exploration activities for kids of all ages – computer science, medical, engineering, animals, & more! Prices start at just $1.99.

“These career posters are so well put together and the list is very comprehensive. I love that there are Spanish versions as well. A lot of thought and work went into this, and I can’t wait to display it on my bulletin board to inspire my students!” ~ Istre, 6th grade STEM teacher

“This helped me see that STEM can be so many different things. I am definitely more interested in a STEM career now.” ~ Aaliyah, 7th grade Explorer user from California

“​We are so excited to be able to use these AMAZING resources on our homeschool journey! I am blown away by the thorough attention to detail in each of these lessons! We feel truly blessed. Thank you again!” ~ Esther Denniston, homeschool mom

“I am using this for professional learning with teachers in our K-12 school. We are currently integrating STEM across the curriculum and this is a great way to illustrate our WHY.” ~ Heather S., STEM Coordinator

“I’ve curated content since 1994 and yours is among the best I have seen.”

– Michele Templeton Freeman, CTE Program Director from Arkansas

Helpful STEM Career Exploration Articles

How to Make a Metaverse
How to Make a Metaverse Like you, I am a strong believer in practicing what I preach. As I was preparing for an upcoming talk for the VR AR Association Education forum regarding AR and VR in STEM education, I realized the need to depart from googleslides and Zoom! Seeing as how my work is [...]
Celebrating Immersive Technologies Month
From funny filters to the metaverse, immersive technologies are becoming more and popular and related STEM careers are in high demand. The future is fast approaching, with immersive technologies leading the way. To make sure today's students are prepared for a fast-paced future, this month Career In STEM is celebrating Immersive Technologies Month. Each month [...]
St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities
3 Fun, Free St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities! These three STEM activities are quick and easy to put together, are free, and will help you celebrate the holiday - STEM style! 1. Screen-Free Coding Activity Requiring just a box of Lucky Charms cereal, this activity comes with a printable sheet that helps teach young’uns about [...]
The Role of Research in a Master’s in ECE Program
Electrical and computer engineering are rapidly evolving fields with an ever-expanding scope of applications. As such, it is essential for students pursuing a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, emerging trends, and novel approaches to solving complex problems. One of the most effective ways to [...]

March is Immersive Technologies Month!

Click the button to get your FREE Toolkit and deets on the first ever live Career In STEM Metaverse Meetup happening March 23!

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Your content never disappoints! I teach a STEM career class and have found difficulty in modeling careers to students in a classroom setting. This resource has allowed me to show them just that. Thank you for making these engaging lessons!
– Schyler A., STEM Educator

There is a big push now to introduce real world concepts and tell students about possible jobs.  This was a great way to introduce these jobs and applications to my students.” – Jessica Hailey