What can you do with coding?

Coding is the language of the 21st century. Even if you never go on to a career in IT, electrical engineering, or computer programming, everyone needs to know the basics. And don’t just take my word for it! Hear what these famous people have to say about it:

So what can you do with coding? You can…

  1. Study space
  2. make a movie
  3. design art
  4. make education more fun
  5. design a new fashion trend
  6. improve health
  7. contribute to real science projects
  8. make your own video game
  9. teach your computer to do your homework
  10. make an app
  11. design a website
  12. operate a robot
  13. predict the weather
  14. program a song


And much more! Whether you are into sports or art, gaming or fashion, you can do so many different things with coding. So how do you learn to code? Learning to code is pretty simple, and you can master the basics within an hour.

Here are some FREE and fun sites to help you learn the basics, and create your first coding project within an hour!

Coding is such a valuable skill in the workplace.

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