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As educators, we constantly strive to prepare our students for the ‘real world’ and since the beginning of time itself, education has always been evolving and has always provided for the needs of society. Before, we would educate students for a specific job, but now it is much different, as we move to develop children’s mindsets to learn a wide variety of skills that they could use in their future jobs. Then when the time comes for them, they can use the correct skill set for the job at hand.

 For teachers there are a plethora of educational technology products to choose from and educational product designers are trying to find new ways to keep students engaged and interested in learning.

The only distance learning robot!

As far as STEAM products are concerned, Kai’s Clan is the only robot which you can code distantly. Our collaborative approach offers students to code their robots from wherever they are, as long as the teacher has the robots and the physical mats set up.  BUT, Kai – our robot is so much more than just a yellow robot.

Kai’s Clan STEM toolbox integrates features such as collaborative/multiplayer coding, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and physical adventure mats with virtual worlds overlaid.

 “Kai’s Clan is different because we can now collaborate from school to school, it’s not just about talking on Skype it’s actually about manipulating each other’s world in the virtual,” stated Karen Binns, a teacher at St George Christian School, Australian representative of Robocup and board member ICTENSW in Australia. ”It teaches us to do the learning together and finding solutions to real-world activities and challenges, things that excite kids”. 

 Kai’s Clan is a place where the physical and the virtual worlds merge to become an interactive learning playground.

 Students code their robots to navigate the mat in real life, in real-time, wherever they are in the world.  Students can design their own 3D avatars with Minecraft or Tinkercad and get to see their code come to life in a virtual environment.

Kai’s Clan breaks the traditional geographical barriers to bring kids from around the world together and allow them to solve challenges in exciting new ways. 

 Alicia Verweij, gifted teacher in Picayune, Mississippi likes Kai’s Clan because of the versatility it offers, as well as the wide variety of problem-solving and real world integration, allowing students to feel motivated to actually create a meaningful solution and not just coding a robot to move forward.

All-in-one STEAM Toolbox

Three years ago or from as far back as he can remember, Bruce Jackson, the director of Kai’s Clan, has always been tinkering and pulling electronics apart to see how they work and then create new inventions with them.

 “I wanted a product with a low floor and high ceiling, immersive and at the same time exciting for students. We put the latest technology into our cauldron and Kai’s Clan is the magical concoction! From moving your robot backward and forwards to introducing sensors or creating your own characters and worlds with Tinkercad and Minecraft,” Bruce explains.

With 35+ cross-curricular lessons already developed, educators can create their own projects and share them with the community. 

 See your code come to life through augmented and virtual reality. Let your students create & jump into the driver’s seat of a rover on Mars, a forklift in a busy warehouse, or the pilot’s seat in a plane high over a thriving metropolis. >> CLICK HERE TO SEE COOL STUDENT CREATIONS

Kai’s Clan has been developed with the teacher in mind. We listen to what teachers want and the latest request was to add Python. We are proud to announce Python is now live, we have created a great cross between Blockly and Python, this will help ease students into using textbase coding.  

Our all-in-one STEAM toolbox just got bigger!

The next best thing!

The aim of Kai’s Clan was to lead a new group of amazing teachers armed with amazing resources and it still is, yet our ‘real-world’ has changed. We now live in the new COVID life and although I think in the future things will return to some form of normality, we need to find solutions to empower our kids while they study from home.

 Karen Binns was looking for the next best thing. “We need to learn about each other’s cultures, how we solve problems together and create a world-wide community and teach kids we live in a global generation, and Kai’s Clan does just that”.

 As global and digital citizens of modern society, we need to foster collaborative learning in our children.

 Over the last year, Kai’s Clan has been continuously improving its user experience by listening to educators for feedback. The feedback has allowed Kai’s Clan to become a recognised teaching resource, winning Top Pick for Learning from Common Sense Education, which provides educators with a toolbox of different tools to help prepare our students for their future jobs.

 Move over 20th Century careers, we are now in the fourth industrial revolution. The nature of work is changing … driven by disruptive technologies such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

 Governments are increasingly worried about the mismatch between what societies and industries demand versus what education systems supply. These careers include doctors, teachers, lawyers, and business. We need to be promoting jobs in technology: software engineers, data analysts, and supervisors of automated jobs.

That is why we aim to bridge that gap with Kai’s Clan.

These days, automation and AI is becoming commonplace in farms, factories, and businesses. Amazon warehouse, self-driving cars, self-check-outs and even picking delicious apples in New Zealand.

 OECD estimates predict that 14% of jobs across OECD countries are at risk from becoming automated and over the next 10 to 15 years nearly 50% of jobs in OECD countries could be automated. Coding is the core foundation of digitalisation of industry now.

 To learn more about Kai’s Clan, visit or book a demo with Ronel.


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