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“Thank you for the resources provided at no cost to me. I was able to use the resources as a great closing unit to expose my students to careers unheard of, while expanding their vocabulary and thought on what they could do int he STEM field. They loved the try option as they were able to experience careers hands on and a few students changed their minds of what they wanted to do as a career. Thank you again for providing this resource, had you not given back our school would not have had an opportunity to experience this wonderful resource.”

– Wadiya Ivery, STEM/ Health & Phy. Ed Teacher at John B Elementary School

“So far, I have used the vision board activity with my students using Canva and the amazing February poster for STEM careers.  We love the Explorer Student Showcase! Thank you so very much and I am looking forward to using the other resources with my 8th grade students in the upcoming weeks.”

– LeAnn Goodall, Oakview Middle School Michigan

“We use these resources every single Monday for our STEAM day! I’ll also be using them for some breakout groups. Thank you so much for putting this all together!!!!”

– Tiffany Schatzle, Journey Learning Academy
NASA Images & Careers Webquest