Gifted & Talented

Enrichment Options for Gifted & Talented

At Career In STEM, we offer a host of Enrichment Options for advanced learners. Perfect for middle school students who have compacted out of a unit, for enrichment classes, and online learning at home!


type I & type II enrichment

There will be 3.5 million new jobs in STEM fields within the next five years, and America depends on the talent of our best and brightest. Our Career in STEM® Explorer are the much-needed next step to help students grades 5-10 turn their talents into careers that will change the world.


type II  & III enrichment

As a middle and high school science teacher, I struggled to engage ALL my students, especially those who knew everything I was teaching and were bored. I found my answer to be STEM careers – and you can do the same with my 170+ prep free resources! Online mini courses, projects, challenges, and more.