Crafting an A+ essay or thesis is every high school or college student’s dream. However, not everyone is blessed with amazing writing skills. While some students fail to understand the necessities of the writing assignment, others are handling too many assignments at once. Therefore, completing academic papers is quite a task for students.

Fortunately, several writing tools are available to help speed up the process. You can find tools for helping with research, writing, grammar, formatting, or even using an image editor. All you need to do is find the right tool that aligns with your specific needs. Continue reading to know about some of the top software and tools for writing academic papers.

1. Ref-n-write

Ref-n-write is a tool for academic writing that focuses on improving writing skills through practice. The tool allows users to search for statements that have a similar style, tone, or type in previous documents and equip them with writing aspects that can be used for upcoming assignments.

The tool is essential in augmenting your writing skills, and it offers the ideal platform for practicing initiative learning. While writing your paper, you need to drag and drop well-researched articles and search for specific language and vocabulary ideas.

2. MonsterWriter

When writing pillar content, scientific papers, or personal notes, MonsterWriter is the ideal solution. The app combines the benefits of Markdown, LaTex, and traditional Microsoft Word. Use the tool to effortlessly insert your content’s images, tables, lists, captions, and source codes. The app’s simple interface makes it user-friendly and enables writers to focus on composing content instead of worrying about the formalities.

You can download MonsterWriter on Setapp and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of the app.

3. WordCounter

WordCounter counts the number of words in the text and examines the phrases and terms in your content. In addition, the tool provides a report on the frequency of the words used so you can decide whether to use their alternative or remove them.

Writing academic papers is a time-consuming and exhausting process. It takes a lot of time, and since students are juggling various things at once, it becomes a challenge to manage their assignments. The use of repetitive words is a sign that your mind is tired. If you go through the text manually, you might not notice those mistakes. With the help of WordCounter, you can quickly assess how many words you’ve used repeatedly and if they are ruining the quality of your content.

4. Google Docs

If it is a group assignment and you have to work with a partner to finish the thesis or essay, Google Docs can help. It is an online writing tool with impressive collaboration features. The tool allows for real-time editing and writing of a document with another person at different times or simultaneously.

You might be writing your essay or revising it, while another person might be proofreading it to eliminate errors from a different device. You need not worry about making changes individually because you can work together using Google Docs. Furthermore, Google Docs is easy to share with anyone.

5. Canva

Want to make your academic paper interesting for readers? If so, you can consider adding graphics and images to it. It’s no problem if you don’t have advanced image and graphics editing skills because there’s Canva. The tool allows users to add images, texts or create infographics to explain their ideas clearly.

Canva provides several templates to create various image ideas relevant to your essay or paper. The resultant files can be shared easily across platforms, or you can print them.

6. Grammarly

Your writing quality will make your ideas interesting and easier to comprehend. However, if your essay or academic paper is filled with common mistakes, the message might be misrepresented. You can eliminate typos and grammar errors by using Grammarly. This tool helps people write better and speeds up the editing process. The tool ensures that your essay is error-free, from correcting too many passive sentences to pointing out grammatical and spelling errors.

7. Evernote

Writing a dissertation or Ph.D. thesis is easier said than done. The work is complex, and you must look at different chapters and research materials to gather your data. In addition, the final content will compile all the data you have collected. Therefore, keeping up with the mountain of references and research materials might get confusing.

To ensure the materials are saved in one place for ease of access, you can use Evernote. The app enables users to capture videos, images, infographics, and text. In addition, all the materials can be synced and accessed across devices. Furthermore, you can quickly scribble notes and save them if you encounter something interesting during your research.

8. Dragon Anywhere

As you know, a dissertation means writing endless pages. It takes a lot of time to complete and may even result in a lack of social life and back pain. But what if there was a tool that could automatically type your words and save you from writing? That’s what Dragon Anywhere does.

Dragon Anywhere is one of the most popular and futuristic writing tools that reduces writing and completing a lengthy paper. The tool can be used on your phone, and you can transfer all the materials to your primary document. Thanks to this tool, you don’t have to spend your time typing endlessly.

9. Cliché Finder

Repetitive phrases and words in technical content can weaken your arguments and ideas. Also, they are the recipe for a boring paper that readers won’t find interesting. To avoid such repetitions, you can use Cliché Finder. The tool identifies the repeated phrases and words to eliminate them from your paper quickly. Also, it offers alternatives that you can choose to use if you feel it will improve the quality of your work.

Wrapping up

The process of writing a thesis or dissertation is a complicated and time-taking one. But you can simplify it by using the necessary writing tools. For example, you can select one from the list mentioned above or search the web.