Career In STEM Bootcamp

STEM Career Exploration


100% online STEM camp to get on the fast track to your future STEM career, today!

Learn how to…

  • Discover a STEM career you LOVE.

  • Get what you want out of school and life.

  • Unleash your talents to change the world!

Career In STEM Bootcamp is a learning experience like no other! Designed exclusively for and in collaboration with TRiO and GEAR UP programs throughout the USA, the overarching goals of Bootcamp are to help students grades 7 to 10 discover STEM and related careers, get what they want out of school and life, and learn how to unleash their talents to change the world.

As a 10-module 100% online STEM summer camp or afterschool STEM program, Career In STEM Bootcamp begins with career exploration essentials and a focus on building self-directed learning skills – how to connect EVERYTHING that happens in life to their future STEM career! Students then apply what they have learned about STEM careers (and themselves) through a personal passion project, supported one-on-one by a Career Coach every step of the way.

grades 7 to 10

10 modules

up to 50 students

100% online

one-on-one support

career coaching system

discover careers

  • explore hundreds of exciting STEM careers through hands-on activities
  • hand picked resources to get on the fast track to your future STEM career
  • virtual tours, projects, interactive resume builder, & more!

get what you want

  • Learn how to approach life like STEM professionals do
  • Put yourself in the drivers seat of your education and your life
  • Hear from local STEM professionals about the real world

unleash your talents

  • Set a vision for your life and make a plan to achieve it
  • Create your own Personal Passion Project to build essential skills (and your resume)
  • One on one help and support from your own Career Coach every step of the way

watch this video to get a glimpse of Bootcamp in action!

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“Ashley, a certified science teacher, has done a remarkable job building for GEAR UP East Hartford a comprehensive 10-week career and STEM exploration after-school program that our students have thoroughly enjoyed. Her weekly lessons, together with my follow-up coaching sessions, have inspired personal passion projects that have allowed our students to begin exploring and imaging a range of STEM career possibilities. And Ashley and I have the honor of showcasing this work at NCCEP’s annual conference this year!”
– Benjamin Breault, East Hartford GEAR UP Project Director

“I wanted to say thank you for the kind words and for the incredible opportunity that was the STEM Bootcamp. I learned a lot from it; most importantly, what it is that I want to do in the future, as I discovered that not only do I want to study to become a physicist or research scientist, but I also want to advocate for causes that I believe in and communicate information to people about how, together, we can solve these problems and make the world a better place.
I greatly enjoyed all the activities and projects in the STEM Bootcamp, and the way you presented the day’s topic and encouraged participation from students made them something I looked forward to every day. I especially liked the earring challenges every day, as they helped me realize how pretty much anything can relate to STEM and STEM Careers.
I am writing and researching my PPP every chance I have, and I will have it ready by July 25th, but I plan to keep elaborating on it for many years to come as new problems arise and I hear about innovative ways to solve them.
Again, thank you so much ma’am and I hope you have a great summer!”
– Carlos L. Bootcamp student from TX