STEM Training

Every Teacher In Your School Trained In STEM In ONE Day

even if they don’t teach a ‘STEM’ subject or have no idea what STEM is!

It is time to do school differently.

Here’s why…

65% of the jobs today’s students will enter do not yet exist (World Economic Forum), and we carry the sum of human knowledge in our pocket.

We don’t need students who know stuff – we need students who can DO stuff.

And STEM is the best way to create the next generation of changemakers. In this training every teacher in your school will learn…

  • Easy things YOU can do to instantly engage your students in STEM & career exploration, that won’t cost you a dime.
  • What you need to know about what STEM really is, and why you are making it more difficult than it really is.
  • How to turn every lesson in every subject at every grade level into a STEM career lesson. Now. Without extra work.

STEM Training: Mindset, Methodologies, & Manifestation

Part 1: Mindset – 9 to 10:30am
A recent study by Randstad shows that over half of all people surveyed (62%) did not know what STEM stood for. Further, only 16% of American high school seniors are interested in a STEM career, and minorities and women are seriously underrepresented (National Science Foundation). The biggest misconception is that STEM has to be something ’different’ or ‘extra’. It’s not, and Part 1 will show you why.

Part 2: Methodologies – 10:30 to 1pm
As America embarks on a new chapter in education, real learning happens anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Through experiential, practically applied activities and one on one work time, Part 2 will empower teachers with the world’s easiest yet most powerful tools for inquiry-based teaching and learning.

Part 3: Manifestation – 1 to 3pm
STEM professionals enjoy lucrative salaries and plentiful career options. Despite tremendous opportunity, millions of STEM jobs are going unfilled annually. Part 3 will fix the leaky STEM pipeline in your District through a simple and proven system to help every teacher effortlessly turn every lesson into a STEM career lesson.

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6 hour in person training at your location


$3,499 plus travel


every K-12 teacher in your school

Number of Participants

up to 300 teachers

About the Facilitator

Ashley Pereira, MS Ed. – Founder & CEO of Greater Good Consultants LLC
Mrs. Pereira has been inspiring students across all 50 states through dynamic STEM learning experiences for the past 13 years. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a Master’s degree in Secondary Science Education, Ashley’s diverse professional background began as an inner-city middle and high school science teacher in the north end of Hartford, Connecticut. In 2012 she founded Greater Good Consultants LLC, where she serves as a highly sought-after STEM curriculum developer for National Science Foundation and US Department Of Education funded projects. Additionally, Ashley has been an adjunct Professor of Science Education at Eastern Connecticut State University for the past six years, where she teaches teachers how to teach science. To date Ashley has helped over 3 million students discover STEM and related careers, get what they want out of school and life, and learn how to unleash their talents to change the world.

This STEM Training has been built to equip every teacher in your school with the MINDSET of STEM, grounded in empirical research but most importantly Ashley’s decade plus of real-world experience in what works for real teachers with real kids.

What Teachers Are Saying

“We’ve worked with Greater Good Consultants on more than one occasion now, and will continue to do so in the future. The attention to detail, transparency, and communication has me rating a 5 star. Truly professional group and has helped our organization expand which in turn has helped improve our kids and community.” – Eval Silvera, Executive Director of KodeConnect

“Everything was relevant and I feel I can use everything we learned in the classroom.” – Robyn LaRochelle, middle school science teacher

“Extremely engaging and helped me develop confidence in terms of teaching science. I am impressed with the hands-on demonstrations and innovative practices we explored.” – Gracelyn Swan, elementary teacher