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STEM Career Exploration Workshops For Teens

Every workshop participant will develop a STEM skill to put on their resume. Guaranteed.

Crafted by expert STEM educators, Career In STEM workshops are specifically designed to put middle and high school students on the fast track to their future STEM career. Through interactive, hands-on activities students grades 6 to 10 will explore STEM career pathways and learn what it takes to succeed in their STEM field of interest.

Workshop Choices:

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Intro to STEM Careers

The much needed starting point! This workshop is the perfect introduction to what STEM is and raise awareness about related careers. This workshop will help your students…

  • understand what STEM is (and is NOT!)
  • see how STEM connects to EVERYTHING in a Surrounded by STEM game
  • become aware of the mind-blowing opportunities in STEM fields with Kahoot
  • use the best FREE resources to take the first steps

Guaranteed STEM Skill = data analysis 

How to Become a STEM Major

If you have students interested in majoring in STEM, then you need this webinar with Career In STEM Manager and college science major Lucia! Lucia is from Paraguay and is attending Princeton University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology. Lucia will share everything she has learned in her journey to becoming an Ivy League STEM major including how to get started, things she wished she knew, what worked (and didn’t!), and what YOU need to do NOW if you are interested in majoring in a STEM field. Lucia will lead a presentation followed by discussion and Q&A. Come ready to ask and learn!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = planning

Coding for a Cause - Careers in Computer Science

Despite tremendous opportunity and millions of available jobs in computer science, few schools teach this critically important 21st century skill. This Careers In Computer Science workshop students will..

  • learn the basics of how computers work through a fun game
  • explore the vast array of computer science careers using fun digital resources
  • participate in a Coding for a Cause Challenge
  • and more!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = computational thinking 

How to Become a Vet & Other Careers with Animals

A top career choice among teens is veterinarian, and this workshop is for them! Not only will students explore veterinary careers, but they will also…

  • discover other careers for animal lovers (there’s a LOT more options than students realize!)
  • learn how to safely approach animals
  • practice basic wound care
  • and more!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = pet first aid

How to Save Someone's Life - Medical Careers

Medical professionals are in high demand across the United States. Built in collaboration with leading healthcare providers, this Medical Careers workshop will equip your students with the basic skills needed to enter any medical profession including:

  • Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration
  • Top 5 life saving hacks everyone needs to know
  • How to find a medical volunteer opportunity
  • and much more!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = survival first aid

How to Prepare for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet - Space Careers

This workshop will help students launch their career in space, including careers that don’t even exist yet (but will soon!). This workshop encourages students to think BIG, and features a guest space researcher to provide guidance and answer student questions. Students will explore…

  • careers of the future – asteroid miner, hyperloop developer, galactic greenhouse manager, and more!
  • how to prepare for careers that don’t even exist
  • space research from a guest expert
  • and much more!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = creative problem solving

How to Make Money With Your Drone

Drones are cool – but they are also connected with highly lucrative STEM careers! This workshop is an ideal pairing within an incentive system where students win a drone. In this Careers With Drones workshop students will…

  • learn how to safely operate a drone
  • see real examples of how drones are used across many different fields
  • learn how to make money with a drone
  • and much more!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = drone safety

Engineer Your Future - Careers In Engineering

What is engineering? What does it take to be an engineer? The Engineering Your Future workshop will help students learn what engineering is, and explore careers in engineering through hands on activities:

  • defining engineering through the engineering design process
  • fields of engineering ‘who am I’ game
  • engineering to solve world problems project
  • and much more!

Guaranteed STEM Skill = engineering design process

Seasonal Workshops

Featured April Workshop:

Earth Day + STEM Career Exploration Workshop

How can YOU help make the world a better place? In this online workshop students will define sustainability, use fun digital resources to explore environmental STEM careers, play a UN Goals Game, and complete a local sustainability audit. Let us do all the work for you with this super fun Earth Day workshop that your students will remember for many years to come.


Featured Valentine’s Workshop:

How to Save Someone’s Life: Medical Careers Workshop

Medical careers require high levels of compassion and empathy. Build these soft skills and develop the essential STEM skills needed to be a healthcare hero in this 100% online workshop for teens.


Featured Fall Workshop:

Engineer Your Career: Punkin’ Chunkin’ Challenge!

This workshop is a super fun way to build engineering skills connected with the fall season. Students will use the engineering process to design, create, and test a pumpkin launching device, and explore related engineering careers!


Featured New Years Workshop:

Intro to STEM Careers

New Year, new YOU! January is the perfect time to kick off a year full of STEM career exploration. In this 100% online workshop teens will learn what STEM is (and is not!), become aware of mind-blowing STEM opportunities, & learn how to use the best FREE resources to take the first steps.


30 minutes


in person, Zoom, or GoogleMeet


students grades 6 to 10


up to 50 students


Explorer customers = $99
Everyone else = $189

What You Get

  • 30-minute live workshop in person or using online video platform of your choice (Zoom, GoogleMeet), developed by award winning STEM educator Ashley Pereira and facilitated by a Career In STEM peer mentor
  • All materials needed for the workshop delivered right to your door at no additional cost!
  • Lifetime access to online take-home resources to help students KEEP exploring STEM careers long after the workshop ends
  • If you are not an Explorer subscriber (yet!), a super special bonus offer to effortlessly integrate STEM careers throughout your program

Workshops that Work

  • 98% of participants reported improved understanding of STEM
  • 100% of participants agreed the workshop helped them learn about STEM careers
  • 94% of participants reported increased interest in STEM careers

100% Money Back Guarantee:

Every participant develops a STEM skill to add to their resume or I refund every penny

“Thank you so much for agreeing to help with the New England TRIO Day Conference Wednesday, February 16th. The information you are providing within your presentation is invaluable for our future first-generation college students and we appreciate your willingness to share your experiences and expertise.” Adam Hurwitz, Program Director, UVM TRIO Upward Bound

“It was really creative, I liked the hands on projects and how it was connected to a real world issue that I can help solve.” Sarah, middle school student from St. Joseph School

“Thank you for your time. I learned so much today. I will keep using the online career page you gave us to find my career and make a plan.” Harry Stewart NYC 5th grade student

“As the Director of Education at Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame, I loved the games at a recent event promoting STEM careers for middle and high school girls. They were very engaged, had great conversation about STEM careers, and couldn’t stop laughing!  Thanks!”

– Lena Pacheco, Director of Education at Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame