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for STEM, CTE, & Augmented Reality

If you are looking to do something that doesn’t yet exist, you need a consultant who specializes in projects that hover on the brink of reality to truly push the limits in STEM education. For the past 13 years I have been partnering with leading companies and educational institutions to reconceptualize STEM education and define new normals.

When you need more than just a curriculum writer, I’m here to do what no other consultant can.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Ashley. She has a genuine interest in our projects and invests herself heavily in them. Her quality of work is top notch. As one of my employees said after reviewing her work, ‘Ashley has got some serious game’. That pretty much sums it up. Thanks Ashley!” Tyler Grandil, Executive Director – Arizona National Livestock Show

I can help with...

  • STEM and Career Readiness curriculum development, instructional design, and consulting
  • Augmented Reality (AR) scripting and curriculum development/integration

Areas of specialization = formal preK-12 and enrichment programs

Recent Projects

  • UN Goals for Sustainable Development AR powered case studies – Skills21 & UConn School of Design
  • development of interactive augmented reality worksheets and scripts for high school DNA unit – Skills21
  • write augmented reality story-based lesson series for elementary science – ARsome Technology/Columbia University
  • create STEM Employer’s Quick Start Guide to Work Based Learning – Chamber of Commerce of EasternCT

over a decade of experience in what works for STEM education

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“Ashley is a great educator and innovator who worked closely with our tech team to develop augmented reality children’s books. I highly recommend her for strategy, planning and content development.” – Benjamin Williams, CEO of ARsome Technology

“One word should suffice to sum up Ashley’s work, “Outstanding”, Outstanding combination of skills and cooperation . Thank you Ashley.” – Colonel Ahmad, Pakistan

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“Can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Ashley. She guides you through the process. She gives you “mini assignments” to complete that really help the process seem less overwhelming. Also, provides good feedback to help you improve content development. 100% will be using her in the future.” – Amy, Professor at University of Alaska

“We’ve worked with Greater Good Consultants on more than one occasion now, and will continue to do so in the future. The attention to detail, transparency, and communication has me rating a 5 star. True professional group and has helped our organization expand which in turn has helped improve our kids and community.” – Eval Silvera, Executive Director of KodeConnect

“Very efficient an professional. Knowledgeable in a lot of areas and freely gave suggestions and advice without any pressure. Very appreciative of Greater Good Consultants work.” – Qur-an Webb, Director of Operations at Welcome2Reality

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