[Top Three FREE Web Resources For Simulations in STEM

Simulations are digital tools that actively engage students in their learning through concept application and testing of ideas. Through the use of simulations, students explore phenomena in an inquiry-based way; asking their own questions and experimenting to find their own answers. The educational power of simulations in STEM education is vast – rather than talking about it, have your students actually do it! Ready to try this STEM teaching super tool? Here are three free web resources for simulations in STEM.


Start here! PhET is the most comprehensive compilation of simulations for STEM available. Searchable by grade, topic, and device with a wealth of supporting resources for teachers.


CK-12 offers simulations and PLIX (play, learn, interact, explore) in all STEM content areas. Save content from anywhere on the web to create your own textbooks!

Concord Consortium

Simulations in the STEM disciplines, searchable by grade, topic, and resource type. Use the NGSS Pathfinder tool to quickly and easily find free resources aligned with your lesson goals.

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