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Exclusive Outreach Program Offer

We guarantee that the Career In STEM Explorer is so EASY that you will discover an interesting STEM career in 9 seconds or less.

And we’re ready to prove it in the 9 Second Challenge!

  1. Complete the form to confirm your eligibility for the 9 Second Challenge (this offer is ONLY for outreach program directors).
  2. We will email you a Zoom link according to the time you specify on the form.
  3. During the 10 minute Zoom meeting you will get EXCLUSIVE access to Explorer resources. You have nine seconds to find a career that looks interesting to you.
  4. If you pass the 9 Second Challenge, you win a prize pack worth over $600 – a $500 giftcard towards your own Explorer, a free custom mockup ($125 value!), PLUS exclusive access to our members-only computer science contest now through December 31, 2020. No risk, no obligation, no purchase required.

“I’m a sixth grader and I just have to say that I love this website.” – Matthew from Wisconsin

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