Computer Science Activities for Middle School

Computer science careers are in high demand, offering lucrative opportunities across the education spectrum. From high school diploma to PhD, there’s something for everyone! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 11 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations”. In addition to tons of new jobs being added every year, people with computer science skills earn more than DOUBLE that of non-computer science professionals ($88,240 in May 2019 compared with $39,810 for other occupations)!

Computer science is also a great way to develop high level computational thinking skills needed in the 21st century.


“In both science and engineering, mathematics and computation are fundamental tools for representing physical variables and their relationships. They are used for a range of tasks such as constructing simulations; statistically analyzing data; and recognizing, expressing, and applying quantitative relationships.”

National Science Teachers Association

Computer Science Education Week is coming – celebrate with these best-selling, easy distance learning resources for computer science, Hour of Code, and more!


Top 5 Middle School Computer Science Activities

1. Computer Science Careers Webquest: One of our top 5 best sellers! Expose students to lucrative careers in computer science with interactive online activities directly connected to what people do in these careers. 13 questions about careers in computer science including why computer science is important, career exploration, computer hardware matching game, hacking in the news, and much more. >> learn more

2. Computer Science Bingo: Use this fun Bingo game to guide students through the incredible world of computer science in a hands-on, easy way. Includes a total of 25 fun computer science related mini activities for students to research, explore, and do from home or in school! Name 3 careers in computers, act out a ‘loop’, and more! >> learn more

3. Video Game Design Challenge: Help students turn their love of video games into a career! The Video Game Design STEM Challenge is a self-guided distance learning mini course for teens to learn what a video game designer does, and test drive the career through fun online activities. >> learn more

4. Hour of Code Lesson Plan: How do sound, text, and images appear on your computer screen? Find out in this Hour of Code activity! Through video tutorials and practical applications, students learn the basics of computer programming to support MS-PS4-3. >> learn more

5. Computer Science Poster Bundle: Put your students on the fast track to their future career in computer science with this awesome Computer Science Poster Bundle. Purchase features five sets of computer science posters including Why Computer Science is Important, Things You Can Do With Coding, and more! >> learn more

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Happy Computer Science Week!